Arranging Costume Awards 2009-2018

Arranging Costume Awards from 2009-2018.

Rebecca Krøvel and Sales Director Bonnier Media Anne Kathrine Krøvel
Costume Awards 2011 was one of the first Awards and was located in The Ballroom in Øvre Slottsgate.
Costume Awards in Gamle Logen.

Costume Awards

Costume Awards is one of the main happenings in the fashion industry in Norway. From 2011 until2019 it was arranged by the Bonnier Medias Advertising Department in collaboration with Costumes editorial staff.

As Director of Sales, Krovella Contents Anne Kathrine Krøvel, was the main responsible for Costume Awards for all the years it was arranged in that period.

The important advertisers

The arrangement started as an event for advertisers and editorial collaborators but rapidly grew to the most important fashion award in Oslo where the best outfit, best influencers, best makeup, best shop, and so on was nominated an named as winners. 

To see and be seen

Fashion interested Norwegians celebrities in all categories, together with advertisers and fashion shop salespeople were eager to come and celebrate this yearly happening, and they all dressed up to the max to see and to be seen. 


The event was funded by Bonnier Advertising Department by sponsorship sales, and the advertisers were lining up to show their product for the 5-700 important people present.  

The budget was from 700.000 – 1 mill NOK. This was the sponsorship sales and it was also the amount of money spent on the event.