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KAROKUL FOR DUGG HAIRDRESSER. Karokul had a collaboration with Dugg Hairdresser in October 2020. She made a TikTok and an IG-post in her feed. The Instagram photo got a reach on 46073 people and the views were 53313. TIKTOK for DUGG The TikTok got 124 000 views.

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KAROKUL Collaborations

KAROKUL, one of the biggest media brands in the marketing group Norwegian girls 13-24 Link to Karokuls own web page KAROKUL Collaborations. KAROKUL, on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Snap and her own web site has become one of the biggest media brands in Norway reaching the market group girls 13-24. DISNEY, NRK Newton, Plan International In an age of…

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